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Your Rental and Home Exchange Listings

Your Home Exchange listing will not display any personal information such as email address, name, postal address, or phone number. Only a member with a listed Home Exchange property can contact you

Your Vacation Rental listing is the same except that your phone number can be displayed

How we use your e-mail address
  For staff to contact you about the site or your Rental or Exchange listings.
To relay exchange proposals or rental inquires on behalf of members that want to contact you. .
How we use your phone number, fax number or postal address

Primarily we use this information to support you if there is a problem that can't be resolved by email or if your email address bounces.

How we do not use your private information

No personal or identifying information will be provided to any third parties. Only aggregate or statistical information on our members may be made available.

So how do I contact members to exchange with them?
  We provide a controlled proposal mechanism. You can receive a home exchange proposal. Your e-mail address is not revealed until or when you decide to reply to the person proposing a possible swap.
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