ahaGO quick feature list

We know that you have many choices when deciding on a Home Exchange Site. To help you consider quickly whether ahaGO is right for you, we've listed some of the key differences between ahaGO and other Home Exchange sites.

List Vacation Rentals as well as Home Exchange listings.

This is useful for home exchangers for several reasons. Sometimes you need to plan a vacation and due to time constraints you may want to look for a vacation rental instead of trying to find a home exchange. Maybe you just want to go relax in Eleuthora and can't find a match for when you want to go. Also, there are times when you can list your vacation condo, vacation home, or timeshare to earn money to offset your own vacation. You can even do this for your own home.

List Multiple properties

Many folks have a second vacation home, timeshare, or vacation condo as well as their home residence. With our site, you can list all your different homes. Or you can list your own home, both as an exchange and as a rental.

International in or near city Home Search

No other Home Exchange site provides a geographic search by proximity to a city. Let's say you want to stay in Munich. In most sites, if you enter Munich, you will miss many properties listed nearby in small cities or suburbs. Our City search is a true geographically based search that finds listings in nearby cities without you needing to know those city names.

Full Money Back Guarantee

All Home Exchange web sites offer a variety of features. We want you to be happy and not worry about your choice to subscribe to our site. If you don't like the service, features, or even the "color" of our site, we will give you your money back. This is our full Money Back Full Satisfaction guarantee.


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