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Sosnowiec Katowice Poland next to cracow
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Home: 1 story House
on floor 2 in 2 story building
  Gated secure community
When: Open Date 12/13
duration 6 days
For Exchange:
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  Min stay: 6 days
Kids are NOT allowed NO Smoking allowed Pets are NOT allowed 
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my home.. :) its situated in Poland, sosnowiec. its not a big city. not very pretty. that`s why i want go leave sometimes. Like now.
Bud my house as a bulding is cool. comfortable.
what else? hmm my city its not historic. but its not far from Cracow. really beautiful city. u can rent here a car and go there. its stupid what im writting about but i have to write here 221 chracters. so..
  1 Room  2 Guests 340 sq ft  
 3 Bedrooms     2 Bathrooms
Amenities: KitchenKitchen    
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Speaks: English , Italian , French
Writes: English , Italian , French
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Hello, i`m Kinga, 18 years old from Poland.
I`m looking place to live for a few days in Paris.
(with me its Maliwna she is 18yrs old too)
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