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Ansouis Provence-alpes-cote D'Azur France 14 miles N of Aix-en-provence 
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Home: 1 story Villa
  Unique neighborhood
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A villa estate located in Ansouis, one of France's officially designated 'most beautiful villages.' The villa, which has its own pool and lavender meadow and looks out on the thousand-year-old Chateau d'Ansouis atop the hill, is fully described and pictured on, as are the medieval village, the surrounding valley, and all nearby amenities. A must-see.
  4 Rooms  6 Guests 1500 sq ft  
Dining Room Kitchen Living Room
Deck / Balcony Laundry
 3 Bedrooms     2 Bathrooms
Amenities: KitchenKitchen    
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