How Cookies are used on site  

We provide a feature for our users called "Auto Sign-In". This allows you to access you personal account information without having to remember and provide your account Member ID and password to use our member services.

We do not use cookies to invade your privacy in any way. Cookies provide this and other convenience features for easy use of our site.

When you ask to use auto sign-in, we use a cookie to remember your account information so that you need not remember and repeatedly give us your password to access your personal account page.

You can always turn off the "Auto Sign-In" feature from your main personal account page at any time. And you do not need to enable cookies to use the site. You can choose to sign-in and provide your password each time it is required.

However, since a cookie is a piece of information that your browser will write to your disk, you should not use cookies if you share your machine with other. Most password protected web site accounts use cookies. So, if you have a brokerage account online, other users on your machine may be able to find out your passwords to that account by examining your disk.

Here are some links to write-ups about how cookies work and how to change your cookie settings in your browser. These excerpts from, and provide both explanation and how to modify cookie preferences in your browser.

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